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Malcontent: Home for disgruntled journalists

Journalists are a disgruntled bunch by nature. Not surprising for a group of people making less than public school teachers. But what becomes terribly tiresome are the gripes from soccer moms about all the rotten stories in the newspaper. Then there's the overdemanding editor, intent on grinding reporters into dust in persuit of oodles and oodles of gut-wrenching copy. It's a wonder more journalists don't barge into the newsroom with more than just a bad attitude.

To make things even worse, some newsrooms are working to be the happiest places on Earth with unwritten rules prohibiting complaining (Believe me ... I've been there). But if you keep it inside you're likely to grab your boss around the neck and, well, you get the idea. Anyway, welcome. Feel free to spill your guts, malcontents.

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